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○W&H COFFEE / GIFT SET (SET OF 2) ・BLEND "DAUGHTER" / 200g BOX ・BLEND "SON" / 200g BOX ○Roast level : Dark We started W&H and continue to do so because we feel that we are happiest when someone else is happy. When people tell us that their coffee is delicious at the cafe, or that it was a very pleasant time at the picnic, that is the best reward for us. If I could say that I wanted to, I think there would be no happier and more rewarding job if someone who sympathizes with W&H could choose a W&H coffee as a gift for someone else, and the person who gave it to them would also be happy and feel a chain of happy emotions. That's why we wanted to create a gift set that will be used as a gift for a long time to come. What kind of gift box should I make? When I was pondering about it, I suddenly saw a certain old thing. It was an old bright red toy piano. Deep red, indescribable body thickness, and a rustic tone. I've come across several toy pianos, but this is my favorite. I rely on the feeling of my heart leaping at the sight of something beautiful to pick out secondhand items, but in addition to that, there's a heart-pumping feeling when it comes to children's toys. You can't help but grin and smile. I thought how wonderful it would be if the gift was something like this toy piano that made my heart skip a beat at first sight. And the contrast with the W&H blue box that I had sitting right next to the red toy piano was so beautiful that I wanted to keep it as a gift set. After many prototypes of the shape of the gift box, the paper quality, and the color, we finally created a special box. We hope that we can provide you with the heart-warming sensation the moment the blue W&H box peeks out from the bright red box. We hope you will choose it as a gift for your loved one or for an important occasion. ※Please enter your opinions are requirements for the order if there are any. Ex.)If you want to grind the coffee beans either one. ※If the shipping address is different for multiple purchases, please order separately for each address. (This is a separate order because each address is entered and each address is charged for shipping. ※If you need paper bags, please specify the number of bags in the remarks column. (The maximum number of sheets is limited to the number of products you ordered. ※Shipping will be dealt with in seven days. And We cannot accept delivery date requests.